About NISHLA Design


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At NISHLA Design, our first priority is connecting with the brands and diverse clients we work with.


We are committed to the idea of enriching the bonds of the human family. It is this ideal of real community that brings a team of energetic and skilled creatives together to form NISHLA Design.

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Our name originates with our founder, Nigel Lawrence, who studied graphic design and behavioral sciences, and started the studio initially as a solopreneur venture. The idea of collaborating with other creatives, connecting, and team building helped us to evolve and merge to combine our talents, insights and expertise in ways to show we value you, and your business, just as you do.


From the initial consult, to research, to strategy, ideation, presentation, then to completion, we believe in being transparent, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

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We are lively and engaging, we know how to have fun, and we draw on these qualities to provide amazing work, with an exceptional experience.